Ultra Contact Troubleshooting & Frequently Asked Questions

I am having trouble reading data from my labels. I cannot seem to get a solid green Read Status LED indicator on the PakSense Ultra Contact Reader. What is going on?

Check to make sure that the Probe/Power Switch is ON – Power Status LED should be solid Green. Next, check to make sure that you have disconnected the PakSense Ultra Contact Reader from the USB cable and your computer before attempting to read data from a label (label data cannot be read if the PakSense Ultra Contact Reader is still connected to the computer or if the Probe/Power Switch is OFF).

Make sure that the pins on the probe handle of the PakSense Ultra Contact Reader are correctly aligned with the corresponding circles of the label.

Finally, the probe/power switch may not be fully extended. Extend the probe pins until the switch clicks.

How do I know if the batteries are running low on my PakSense Ultra Contact Reader?

The Power Status LED will be solid RED and the Read Status LED will be OFF. Replace the batteries.

Both the Power and Read Status LEDs are RED, what should I do?

You are in Reader Update mode. Disconnect from USB and press reset button. Also, make sure batteries are inserted correctly.

The Power Status LED is RED and Read Status LED is OFF, what should I do?

The batteries are low. Replace the batteries.

The Read Status LED flashes RED while trying to read a label, what is going on?

The read failed. Make sure probe pins are aligned with circles and plastic pouching is completely pierced.

What happens when the Read Status LED Flashes Amber?

The Reader is full. Download data to your computer and clear Reader.

The switch is on but the Power Status LED is off?

The Reader could be in power save mode. Retract and extend the Reader pins with the probe/power switch. The Reader might be attached to the USB cable. Disconnect the USB cable. The batteries could be dead. Replace the batteries.

How do I Reset the Reader?

Unplug the Reader from the USB, take one battery out and press and hold the reset button for 3 seconds, it is located just below the batteries in the square hole. Put the battery back in and press the reset button again, you will see the LED's do a flash sequence. Turn the Reader on and see if the PWR LED is green and the READ LED is off. Once on, Re-Read and Download a Label.

Can I recycle PakSense Ultra Contact Labels?

Yes, PakSense Ultra Contact Labels can be easily recycled through the PakSense GreenSense™ program. PakSense GreenSense is a recycling program that facilitates the return of PakSense temperature monitoring labels for proper battery and component recycling. Through the GreenSense program, PakSense provides customers with eco-friendly return boxes and pre-paid postage return labels free of charge. Unlike bulky traditional temperature monitoring devices, customers can fit hundreds of temperature recorders in the provided medium-sized box. PakSense GreenSense takes the hassle out of returning recorders for recycling.

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PakSense Software 

When I try to first open the PakSense Software I get "An Unusual Error Has Occurred."

When you try to first open the PakSense Software you can get "An Unusual Error Has Occurred." This happens when the customer is missing the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package. To fix this, download and install the library package from this link: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=5555

When you are downloading a Label with the PakSense Software and get "An Unusual Error Has Occurred," you will need to "Reset the Reader" to fix this (refer to the FAQ on Reseting the Reader).

Software error: "Unrecoverable Error Parsing Label Unknown"

An "Unrecoverable Error Parsing Label Unknown" is normally a Read Error. There may be a few things that can trigger this error though.

1. Most Common: A Read error. The fix is to reset the Reader and re-read the Label.
2. Uncommon: A Regional Language issue. The customer is using a non- English version of Microsoft Office and needs to change their Regional Language Preference to English U.S. To do this, the customer must go to their Microsoft Office Folder >> Microsoft Office 2010 Tools >> Microsoft Office 2010 Language Preferences and in there set the "default" language to English (U.S.).

The Location Field in the PakSense Software is highlighted in Red. What do I do next?

The middle buttons "<" and ">" are greyed out and unable to be clicked. The Location Field is highlighted in Red and waiting something to be entered into it. The fix is to enter something into the Location Field such as "Boise, ID" or "Warehouse 1".

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When I manually calculate the time the label actively recorded data by looking at the start and stop times in the "In Use Time" section, it does not match the duration time listed in the Trip Temperature Statistics" section. It is off by 30 minutes.

Remember the start delay period is not included when calculating trip temperature statistics. By default the start delay period is 30 minutes.

Marked time appears to be 5 minutes off. Why is this?

When the "Mark" button is pushed, it references the previous 5 minute average temperature statistic in the label's memory to generate a mark time. Depending on the timing of when the mark button is pushed, there can be a 0 to 5 minute discrepancy.

I have inserted my XpressPDF Label into the USB port, but the file did not generate.

Be patient. It may take up to 10 seconds for the PDF to generate. I waited 10 seconds, but the PDF still did not generate. Try the following:

1. Check to see if the blue USB LED light is illuminated. The Blue light will indicate an active USB connection. If the Blue USB light is not on, eject the XpressPDF Label. Flip it over and insert it upside down. Many computers have their USB ports flipped.
2. Go to "Control Panel" in Windows. Select "Hardware and Sound." Select "AutoPlay." Check to make sure "Use AutoPlay for all media and devices" is checked.
3. Some anti-virus programs prevent the XpressPDF file from automatically generating. In most cases, this may be resolved by temporarily disabling the scan of removable media. Contact PakSense technical support for additional information.

The blue USB LED is illuminated but the PDF file is still not generating.

Make sure there is no plastic covering on the USB plug. Plastic pouch remnants can interfere with USB connectivity.

What happens if I push the Start/Mark or Stop buttons while the label is plugged in?

Nothing, buttons are not active while plugged into the USB port.

There is an unexplained temperature spike in the graph of the PDF print out. What caused this?

The XpressPDF Label was removed from the USB port before the downloading process was complete. Reinsert the label and wait for the downloading process to complete before opening the PDF file.

The PDF generated, but there is no data in the printout.

Remember to let the start delay period expire and wait at least 30 minutes before attempting to download data. If a download is attempted within the start delay period, there will be no data in the printout.

Can I copy files to the XpressPDF Label and use it as a thumb drive?

It is not possible to write a file to the XpressPDF Label. The label cannot be used to transfer files and cannot transfer a virus or other "malware." In testing this, users may find that they can get a file icon to show up in the XpressPDF file folder. Note that this is a "ghost" image and that the file has not truly transferred. Upon label ejection and reinsertion, this "ghost" image will disappear.

I have multiple USB ports on my computer. What happens if I plug an XpressPDF Label into each one?

An individual file will independently open for each XpressPDF Label.

Are XpressPDF data files 21 CFR 11 compliant?

Data in both the PDF file and the embedded CSV file (if generated) cannot be altered. As an uneditable PDF, these files on the label are 21 CRF 11 compliant. Copying these files from the XpressPDF Label should be done according to each individual company's SOPs to comply with 21 CRF 11 requirements.

Can I zoom in on a particular area of the graph?

The easiest way to do this is to use the zoom feature provided by Adobe Reader.

Is it possible to see data from the Start Delay period?

Yes, this data can be viewed by clicking the "paperclip" icon on the PDF generated by the XpressPDF BIOmed Label. XpressPDF Generic Label users can view this data by downloading data via the PakSense Standard Edition Software. Please contact PakSense for more details.

How do XpressPDF Labels calculate MKT?

 Read this Tech Note for the calculation. 

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 Transportation of Lithium Batteries

PakSense Labels are considered safe to ship under both the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR) and the UN Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods, and do not require additional documentation or declaration. See the Transportation of Lithium Metal Batteries and the IATA/ICAO 2015 Regulations Memo for a detailed description.