Cold Chain Consulting

PakSense staff consults with our customers daily on best cold chain practices. Combining job experience, industry knowledge and the latest in technology advances enables us to recommend optimal solutions. We can:

  • Provide cold chain consulting and help establish your company's standard handling procedures for perishables in the supply chain.
  • Prepare analysis and grading reports on the cold chain performance of carriers and suppliers.
  • Provide in-store cold case troubleshooting. We can quickly and easily determine if cases are working properly and advise next steps as needed.
  • Perform trailer mapping studies where we pinpoint hot and cold spots and provide recommendations for remediation.
  • Offer insight into how external temperatures affect the interior temperatures of virtually any container, aiding in stability studies and providing recommendations for shipping lanes.
  • Provide seasonal handling recommendations.
  • Engage all stakeholders to improve cold chain practices.

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