XpressPDF™ Lite

XpressPDFLite March2016REV2
Simplistic Operation. XpressPDF™ Lite loggers eliminate the need for reading devices and proprietary download software and are optimal for applications – such as global shipments – that require fully independent operation. Labels feature in integrated USB connection point which can be plugged directly into the USB port of a computer for data generation. Once connected, the logger will generate a PDF file containing time and temperature history, graphs and summary data.

The Lite loggers provide basic temperature monitoring and record for 15 or 60 days without alerting capabilities. They also create a CSV file which lists time and temperature in a parsed data format.
  • Small, flat, waterproof recorder
  • Digitally records time and temperature data
  • Unique design plugs directly into USB port; generates PDF data file
  • Fully independent operation, eliminates readers and software
  • Great for monitoring exports/imports or temperature mapping of a container

Additional Resources

XpressPDF Lite English Datasheet and Specifications 
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Activation Guide