UltraNFC Label

PakSense™ UltraNFC Labels monitor time and temperature of perishable products during distribution and storage. Labels are flat and transfer time/temperature data via short-range near field communications (NFC) utilizing NFC-enabled Android™ phones and tablets. Label data is immediately available on the screen of the Android device. UltraNFC Labels give users the freedom to use Andoird devices to download data.

UltraNFC Labels use an innovative temperature sensor that enables them to take a surface read of the object to which they are attached. This provides a closer approximation of actual product temperature versus the general ambient readings provided by bulkier recorders. Labels sample temperature every minute for highly accurate temperature reads and are encased in waterproof packaging. Further, each label is NIST traceable. Because of the unique physical characteristics of the sensor, labels do not require ongoing calibration to maintain accuracy. All labels are manufactured in ISO-9001 registered facilities.

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