AutoSense Real-Time

Controlant Realtime
Real-Time Temperature and Location.  AutoSense Real-Time is a reusable and fully programmable solution that provides actionable data to pinpoint issues and mitigate breaks in your cold chain. For just dollars a day, you can access your real-time temperature and location info via web interface and correct problems before they become issues. 


  • Real-Time access to temperature data
  • Economical and Reusable
  • Centralized cloud database
  • Worldwide cellular coverage at no additional cost
  • Proactive alerts and automatic shipment reports


How it Works

AutoSense Real-Time records temperature every 10 minutes and sends accumulated data and location information at predetermined intervals to the cloud database. Depending on programmed settings, the unit can operate for up to 200 days before recharging is required via a standard USB Micro plug. 


Additional Resources

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