AutoSense Outbound


Outbound Temperature Monitoring with Real-Time Capabilities AutoSense Outbound monitors temperature and humidity on deliveries of perishable products from distribution centers to retail locations such as grocery stores and restaurants. The system automatically generates out-of-range  alerts and compliance reports to predefined users; cloud storage provides centralized record keeping.  The system is modular and easily upgraded. Users can start with a basic compliance solution and, if desired, add additional capabilities such as real-time GPS temperature/humidity and location tracking. This system can hook into our facility monitoring solution, creating the opportunity for a comprehensive and continuous monitoring program for your cold chain.


• Automatic email/text alerts
• Centralized record keeping
• Automated reports
• Incident reporting and audit trail
• Trailer mapping
• Fixed and non-fixed sensors available
• Add-on to facility monitoring


How AutoSense Outbound Monitoring Works: 


The system uses gateways that connect to the Cloud database utilizing cellular connectivity. Fixed wireless sensors are installed at monitoring points throughout the trailer and communicate with the gateway at predefined intervals. All data is uploaded to the central cloud database and out-of-range alerts, if any, are generated in real-time via SMS text or email. 

AutoSense Outbound


Additional Resources

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