Cold Chain Simplicity. Monitoring the condition of your perishable products during distribution and storage doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive to work well; at least that’s what we think at PakSense. Our family of products provides historical data on what happens to your shipments when they are outside of your direct control, enabling you to pinpoint supply chain issues and make better quality and safety decisions.  All labels are available as data loggers or come pre-programmed to your specified temperature ranges.

Our innovative designs share the same core characteristics.

  • Simple and easy-to-use
  • Waterproof, small, flat label format; promotes unlimited applications
  • Won’t damage product or take up payload space
  • Digitally records time and temperature data
  • Data stored in non-volatile memory, accessible for future download
  • Safe for product contact
  • Sophisticated and accurate temperature sensor components
  • Available as data loggers or pre-programmable to your alert specifications
  • Easily recycled via the PakSense GreenSense™ program
  • Ship in small boxes of 10 or 50 units and easy to store for future use

Single-Use Data Loggers and Temperature Recorders:

Reusable Products:

USB Products:


Automated Temperature Monitoring Systems: 


Humidity Products: