Unique solutions from PakSense help monitor the condition of perishable goods through the supply chain. We help our customers ensure that only the freshest and safest products reach consumers. Welcome to Cold Chain Simplicity.

  • Food Industry

    PakSense helps retailers, suppliers, growers, exporters, and restaurants ensure that only the freshest and safest foods reach consumers. PakSense core technologies - coupled with our in-house cold-chain expertise - provide complete temperature monitoring solutions for our customers. Learn More
  • Industrial

    PakSense protects time and temperature sensitive materials throughout the cold chain. From electronics to chemicals, our small, digital labels improve cold chain efficiency without the added risk of damaging assets or taking up payload space. Learn More
  • Life Science

    PakSense works with manufacturers, third party logistics providers, and thermal container companies to monitor time and temperature of vaccines, pharmaceuticals, biologics and other perishable shipments. Validated PakSense BIOmed products protect global distribution. Learn More
  • OEM Custom Development

    Partner with PakSense to develop custom environmental monitoring solutions that meet your specific needs. We have a team of visionaries ready to take your product ideas from conceptual stage to finished goods manufacturing. Learn More
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