September 12, 2006 - PakSense Honored by The Wall Street Journal

BOISE, Idaho—(September 12, 2006)—PakSense, Inc., an innovator in sensory solutions for packaging, announced today that The Wall Street Journal named the PakSense TXi™ Label as the runner-up in the 2006 Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Awards in the Technology Design category.  More than 600 applications from two dozen countries were received for the awards programs, which encompassed 12 categories. An outside panel of judges selected the winners, which were featured in the September 11, 2006 edition of the Journal's three global editions, as well as online at

“As you can imagine, we are ecstatic that the editors of The Wall Street Journal and panel of independent judges recognize the potential impact that our time and temperature monitoring labels will have on the market,” said Tom Jensen, chairman and CEO at PakSense. “As an early-stage company, it is incredible to be validated by one of the most respected business publications on the planet.”


About the PakSense TXi Label
PakSense TXi Labels record temperature and time of a product’s environment during the entire distribution cycle.  Labels are disposable, about the size of a sugar packet, and can record data for four to eight weeks.  Labels feature LED alerts which will signal if temperature specifications have been breached. In addition, all data obtained by the label can be downloaded and graphed. The form factor of the label enables it to be placed very close to product, ensuring accurate temperature readings. Labels are programmed by PakSense for each application and graphics can be customized for the product that is being shipped or stored. PakSense TXi Labels provide incredible insight into what happens to perishable products during shipping, enabling users to make better quality and safety decisions.  Consumers ultimately benefit by having access to safer, fresher and higher-quality products.


About PakSense
Founded in Boise, Idaho in 2004, PakSense is a market leader in the development of intelligent sensing products specifically designed for perishable goods.  PakSense products help manufacturers, distributors and retailers determine the quality and safety of food, pharmaceutical, medical and other environmentally sensitive products at a very low cost.


*PakSense and TXi are trademarks of PakSense, Inc.